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Available on Pulsechain.

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Let’s raise the woof!

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All-New dognut dog coin Available on


dognut dog coin is creating a community of dognuts that will be fur-ever freinds.

Sacrifice to prove you believe.

We’re here to bring adoption to PulseChain, and send deez dognuts to the Bark side of the Moon.

woof paper coming soon

Original Supply

There will be an original supply with no possibility to mint new dognut. The token supply will be deflationary due to the 2% true burn from every transaction.

The original supply will come from those that sacrificed via the free method and the sacrifice phase.

There will be a 2% dev wallet a 2% founders wallet and a 2% marketing wallet That might get burned if the community wishes it.

8% Tax on Transactions

• 8% Tax on all transactions

• 6% of every transaction is proportionally distributed back to token holders.

• 2% of every transaction gets sent to a true burn address.

Profit from Holding

• Holders are rewarded with a 6% transaction tax which puts dognut directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells.

True burns

• 2% of every transaction gets sent to a true burn address.










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When Lambo?

I purr-furr a Furr-ari!

Free Dognut

Thats right! you can get free Dognut!

As a way of proving you believe

you can Sacrifice your testnet Pulse or Tesnet Pulsex for a 1:1 copy.

You can send Testnet Pulse or pulsex to the address below.




What you can sacrifice for

By sacrificing your crypto you do NOT buy dognut. You can give your crypto away, sacrifice it as a political statement. Once you have done that you do not own it anymore. Never expect profit from the work of others. Whoever owns your crypto after you sacrificed it does not work for you.

So... how do I get my dognut?

You'll get credited free dognut without any value based on if you have sacrificed for dognut. you will get 100,000 Sacrifice Points per USD sacrificed. The USD value is calculated near the time of sacrifice.

you can send on the following networks

Pulsechain,    Ethereum,     Binance Smart Chain,

Polygon/Matic,     Avalanche,     Ethereum Classic.

you can send directly from your wallet to


Do not sacrifice directly from your exchange. Sacrifice from your own wallet. You can send from MetaMask / Trust Wallet / Trezor / MEW / Coinbase Wallet app. (App not exchange!). Any wallet you have the seed words or keys to. ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, ETC, DAI, USDC, USDT, BUSD, WBTC and more are supported.


You are sacrificing to prove how strongly you believe in the right of human assembly. You must have no expectation of profit from the work of others. The set of people who have sacrificed to show their commitment to this political statement makes a great set of people to airdrop free things to. These Sacrifice Points are not meant to have any monetary value. Remember, you're not buying anything, the world is just noticing you are amongst a group of people that sacrificed to make a political statement. Some countries tax their citizens when they receive things of value. dognut is designed to start with no value, which is ideal. Consult your own legal and financial professionals, as nothing written here should be considered professional advice. The only thing we know of set to be airdropped for free to this political group so far is dognut (dnut.) If we hear about other cool things, we'll let you know.

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